It Takes a Culture

Building a Wellness Strategy for the Modern, Distracted, Uber-Individualized Workforce

by Bija Bennett

Is your workplace facing an engagement crisis?

If you’re seeing burnout, distraction, breakdown, stress, fatigue, disengagement, or lack of emotional connection in your workforce — research proves that it’s affecting your bottom line.  

I advocate an urgent call-to-action for companies to shed a traditional, top-down approach to corporate health and wellness, and instead, build a workplace culture that nurtures the individual and drives personal performance, engagement, and success.  

In this 31-page eBook you’ll learn:

  • What today’s research shows us about the urgent needs of modern employees
  • How to envision and build a company-wide culture of wellness from the ground-up
  • Ways to implement the five layers of an integrated wellness system
  • Key organizational practices — and more than 30 action steps to take today